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Success Record and Testimonials

In October of 2019 I asked Aram for help, as at that point I was struggling with injury and chronic fatigue syndromes for 11 months. I have taken time off, trained
according to body feel or, my smartest move so far, completely ignored any signs of
fatigue and just carried on. Unsurprisingly the last one didn’t help, but also resting
was not beneficial to my state. I knew I needed a more structured approach to
recovery. So, I got into contact with Aram and he swiftly provided me with a four
week trainings-plan.

Upon starting the program, was the first time in almost a year I started feeling better. I noticed my body was able to accept the stressors that training provides again. After the fourth week, while I wasn’t back to my old form, I was able to enter regular
training again. With less and less practices cut short due to fatigue or injury, I was
optimistic about my future in this sport (again for the first time in a year). Since the
plan has worked so well, I continued training in consonance with Aram’s program, and I could see myself improve almost on a daily basis. After a couple of months, I was back to being able to train to the same extend that my teammates were and my splits were back to normal and even better. Where in January I was forced to quit practices after 30 minutes due to my heart-rate shooting well into the 190s, I am now able to row 90 maybe 120 minutes on the rowing-machine at a significanlt faster pace and lower heart rate. This training really was a turnaround for me, and put me into a position where I was able to qualify into the Austrian Men’s coxless four, that was meant to try to qualify for the Tokyo

Christoph Seifriedsberger, U23 World Champion, IRA Champion

Aram’s eye for technique is second to none. He is able to explain things in a manner that allowed me to progress my technique very quickly and increased my speed. I have had a coach of one sort or another since I was 11 years old and Aram is the first to recognize I am an explosive athlete and adapted my training plans to match. I would recommend Aram to any serious athlete.

Debbie, USA
Multiple Gold Medal Winner at US Masters Nationals
Former Triathlon National Team Athlete

It’s working GREAT! I feel strong and fast without being on the edge of overtraining.

Leon Jones, USA

My coach PetterLjungström and I started to work with Aram and the Biorower in 2009 when I was a beginner. We have been working with Aram ever since and with his help and knowledge in human physiology, rowing technique and biomechanics I can now call myself an Olympian.

Since I was introduced to sport and rowing as a 22 year old, it was crucial for me to get both individualized and targetbased training. There were many things I needed to learn and develop!

With Aram’s help, both on distance (through Skype), and by my side in Vienna (Austria), Stockholm (Sweden), Racice (Czech Republic) and Montemor o Velho (Portugal) I got faster every year.

His individualized coaching and mental support helped me to win my first gold medal in the Swedish Championships in 2013, both indoors on the erg and on the water. The following year I was selected to compete for Sweden in the European Championships, the World Championships and also at two World Cups.

A big goal in my career was the World Championships in 2015 which also was an Olympic Qualification Regatta. I managed to qualify an Olympic spot for Sweden which Idefended in 2016in a two month long selection period.

It was amazing to experience the Olympic Games in Rio – a dream I never would have been able to reach without Aram and Biorower by my side.

Anna Malvina Svennung, Sweden

Outstanding, professional and the most productive training program that I have ever experienced…
Over the past several years I have traveled all across the U.S. to train with numerous elite level coaches on the water and on two different type rowing machines. In just two training sessions on the Biorower (4-hours total), Aram provided me with more feed-back and critique about how to improve my stroke than 4-days of training on the water with other coaches! The unique and realistic feeling of the Biorower, compared to actually being in a boat on the water, combined with the coaching from Aram is the most outstanding, professional, and most productive training program that I have ever experienced!

Lloyd E. Moulton, USA

He showed me that things can be and must be done differently, if I want to excel…

I am Junior and U23 National Coach.

My coaching style and my approach differs form my fellow coaches in my country. I get this “feedback” from them a lot… so it must be true.
But the results of my athletes and my progression as a coach are proof that it’s a good way.

I was taught like any other athlete and coach the “proper” way to do things, in my country, but my view changed a lot since I began. And I can define one moment that had a very important impact, and helped me finding my way of doing things, my way to success.

That moment was when I began working with Aram on effective rowing techique in 2011. His approach to every aspect of the preparation of a rower was singificantly different from those whom I have learnt from previously. He showed me that things can be done differently, and must be done differently if one wants to excel.

Since then I look at Aram as my mentor, who pushed me to start building success for my athletes, and also myself. Since 2011 much time has passed, and this way of doing things has resulted in recognition I have not expected in the beginning, even from those who told me previously that this way is not going to work or even tried to hold me back.

Now I have a very clear idea of what I work towards and what my goals are, a greater understandig of myself and the people I work with. But Aram reamins a fixed point for me, beacause sometimes even experienced and successful people lose momentum, and then they need advice.
I often recieve inputs from him that I know are of quality, and that they can be relied on every time.

A friend…Attila Lorincz, Hungary

Of the many things I have learned from Aram, the most important lesson was never to lose my goal and to constantly walk towards it. There might be set-backs, but you never stop. No matter how slow your progress might be.

My name is Jakob Zwölfer, I am 22 years old and I am high performance lightweight rowing athlete and current silver medallist at the U23 European Championships with a personal best in the single of 6:52.

Having started late, at the age of 16, Aram has been my coach ever since. Now, just about 4 years later, I have produced top results at national and international races. He made it possible for me to compete at the U23 World Championships, only 3,5 years after I had first started rowing on a Biorower.

On top of many hours of technique training, and his knowledge about physical training, Aram made me discover my mental potential to an extent, of which I had never dreamed it even exists.

Another crucial insight I got from him is the fact that I must go my own way if I want to be successful. “If we keep on doing things the way we have always done them, we will get what we’ve always had”. So, Aram helped me discover my own way, based on my personality and based on my individual physical potential.
I am looking forward to many more years!

Jakob Zwölfer, Austria

My Name is Sprague Theobald, I’m 70 years old and live just outside of Manhattan. I rowed for a year in school many years ago. Unfortunately, I had to change schools and the new one didn’t have a rowing program. A week didn’t go by that I didn’t think about the wonders and challenges of the sport. I truly missed it, always wanting to get back into it.


Two years ago, I attended a rowing clinic, and the flame was once again lit. Then Covid hit. During this downtime I decided that I wanted to seriously get back into Masters rowing/competition but knew I needed to get in shape. One night I was looking through the internet at rowing camps and came across AramTraining. The more I read about Aram’s programs the more intrigued I became. I filled out the enrollment forms and was pleasantly surprised when Aram called me the very next day. We must have talked for an hour about my sports background, my current health and my goals. By the end of this hour, I truly felt that not only had I found a coach, but I had also gained a new friend!  Within days Aram sent me my first training plan and I started right in. Aram is amazing, he keeps the daily workouts varied enough so as not be tedious and by the same token makes them remarkably challenging. He is also always “a phone call away”! Since I started with him, I’ve lost 15 lbs. (my Covid weight) and am gaining strength and endurance daily. I truly know that working along with Aram, my goals in this amazing sport of ours will be accomplished. Simply put, I couldn’t recommend AramTraining any more highly!!

Junior World Championships6th placeJM2x
South African ChampionshipsGold MedalJM2x
U23 World Championships16th place after 3,5 years rowingLM1x
U23 World Championships11th place after 4,5 years rowingLM1x
U23 World Championships11th place after 5,5 years rowingLM1x
Vice U23 European ChampionSilver MedalLM1x
European University ChampionshipsBronze Medal LM1x
EUSA GamesBronze Medal LM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsSilver MedalM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsSilver MedalLM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsSilver MedalM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsSilver MedalLM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsSilver MedalM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsSilver MedalLM1x
“Rose” 16k Long Distance Race (2nd largest skiff race in Europe)Gold MedalM1x
 same race the following yearGold MedalM1x
 same race the following yearGold MedalM1x
World Cup10th placeLM1x
Personal best6:53:80 U23 LM1x 2000mLM1x
European U23 ChampionshipsGold MedalLM4x
European U23 ChampionshipsSilver MedalLM2x
U23 World Championships9th placeLM2x
U23 World Championships6th placeLM4x
Austrian National ChampionshipsGold MedalLM1x
Austrian National ChampionshipsBronze MedalJMLwt1x
World CupTop 12LM2x
World Championships7th place (Olympic Qualification) 
Olympic Games13th placeW1x
Swedish National ChampionshipsGold MedalW1x
Swedish National ChampionshipsGold MedalW1x
Czech Masters ChampsGoldMMD1x
Czech Masters ChampsGoldMMD8+
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMMC2x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMMD1x
Austrian Masters National ChampsGoldMME8+
Austrian Masters National ChampsGoldMME4x
Graz City SprintGoldopen
Austrian Indoor National ChampsSilverMWB
Czech Masters ChampsGoldMWA2x
Czech Masters ChampsGoldMWA/B1x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMWB2x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMWA2x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMWA1x
Austrian Masters National ChampsGoldMWA-C2x
Austrian Masters National ChampsSilverMWA-C4x
Austrian Masters National ChampsSilverMWA-C1x
Vienna State ChampsSecond Placeopen
Vienna State ChampsGoldopen
 US Masters NationalsGold M-LW1xB
 US Masters NationalsGold M-LW1xC
 US Masters NationalsGold M-LW1xD
Czech Masters ChampsGoldMWA2x
Czech Masters ChampsSilverMWA/B1x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMWB2x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMWA2x
Euro Masters Regatta BledGoldMWA1x
Austrian Masters National ChampsGoldMWA-C2x
Austrian Masters National ChampsSilverMWA-C4x
Austrian Masters National ChampsBronzeMWA-C1x
Vienna State ChampsSecond Placeopen
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