How training with team aramtraining works

What does aramtraining offer?
aramtraining offers everything you need to become and stay a competitively fit rower. Specific tailor made training plans – as stand alone solution, team solution, or comprehensive solution if you are part of a team but want tailor made monitoring and compensatory training

There are live online rowing classes (on water and indoors)

…One-on-One live online training sessions (on water and indoors)

…and there are comprehensive training packages which include your professional training plan, the Saturday live group classes (online), one-on-one sessions, nutrition plans and frequent adaptions to your plan as you go. 

Who is aramtraining for?
For everybody who wants to be or become a competitively fit rower. You may or may not actually want to compete, but you want to be fit and ready. We build up school rowers, collegiate rowers, aspiring and existing Olympic level athletes, Masters athletes and late starters to rowing. 

Does aramtraining also offer professional training packages for rowing teams?
Yes, aramtraining offers professional training plans for rowing teams, schools, colleges, universities, national teams and rowing clubs. 

Can I be a beginner and work with team aramtraining?
Yes, my team and I have developed many beginners into competitive rowers. 

How many sessions should I be able to do per week?
We recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 training sessions per week to be able to advance. 

What is included in the packages?
Cardio work (professional endurance build-up), dedicated strength training, core (symmetric and asymmetric), technique training and nutrition. (Depending on the package)

I am already part of a team, but would like to have complementary guidance to make sure I develop as fast as possible. Is this possible?
Yes, we work with numerous athletes who are already part of teams but want a professional coach guiding them through their individual progress over multiple seasons. 

Where should I start?
Ideally, please fill out the program entry questionnaire here. This is a set of structured questions to help you clarify where you want to go, and to help us work with you more effectively. Alternatively, please give us a call here or send us an e-mail. 

I am looking forward to work with you!


oh, by the way. Prices for existing team aramtraining athletes do not increase, despite inflation. This is, effectively, an annual price reduction. (certain conditions apply)

You already are part of team aramtraining? Bring a friend and get one month for free…

Most frequently selected programs


Get started for 99 EUR / 119 USD per month, and get a pro training plan to help you get into competitive shape, whether or not you plan to compete. 


If you want live coaching every week AND a plan, then the advanced guided training package is the right program for you! You downgrade, cancel or upgrade anytime.


Plan around your personal schedule, frequent plan adaptions, weekly group sessions and one-on-ones (online on water and online indoors)

Downgrade, upgrade, cancel anytime


Two dedicated personal training sessions per week (online on water and online indoors), in addition to your weekly live class and the tailor made professional training plan. 

Downgrade, upgrade, cancel anytime


Get started for 6 months with a high care package and downgrade once you are accustomed to the routines. 

Next aramtraining rowing camp: Budapest, Hungary: May 22 - 26

The 2024 edition of the annual aramtraining rowing camp takes us to beautiful Budapest where we will row on the Danube. Enjoy a camp with high technique focus for competitive athletes of all age categories (Masters, juniors, high performance, etc) with daily video analysis. 

11x Gold and a Single Scull Trophy Bronze for the TEAM ARAMTRAINING Masters athletes at the Euromasters Regatta Munich 2023!

What a great season highlight! Well done team!

There is no such thing as a “perfect session” that delivers long-lasting effects.

If you want to advance, you will need a training plan that steadily prepares you for your season’s best on day X.
A plan that is bespoke to your individual circumstances but promises tangible progress.

And it does not matter whether you have just started rowing last year, whether you are a seasoned athlete, or the comeback master rower. Rowing is a sport where a bit of random training will get you to a certain level. Exceeding that however requires a dedicated approach.

I know what I am talking about, as this is exactly what I would have needed when I was in the national team. But I did not have it, so I decided to become the coach I would have needed.

We work with teams and individual athletes of all age categories – Juniors, U23s, Olympic athletes and Master rowers, both indoors and on water.

Are you ready? Why delay, let’s get started!

Neu! Das Alte Donau Package

Wöchentliches Techniktraining

Mittwoch – Samstag – Sonntag, jeweils in der Früh

Coaches' Mastermind Group

Every first Monday of the month at 20:30 CET

Training Programs and Technique-Support for
Colleges, University Crews, Clubs and Schools

When the season counts, going pro is the choice to make

This service is tailor made to support coaches with their overall planning, detailed planning, individual monitoring of all athletes and decision making. Instead of working directly with athletes, we work with head coaches, assistant coaches and complementary coaches such as on-site weightlifting coaches or physio therapists. 

Our main approach is to differentiate between fast twitch and slow twitch ahletes, to differentiate between athletes who already have substantial endurance training background and those who do not, and to create custom made training plans for coherent groups of athletes while helping the on-site coaches with precise monitoring. The overall objective is to have everybody on the team be in peak-of-season shape when it matters, and not to lose anybody along the way because of overtraining or injury. The latter are two of the most common problems we see amongst teams, and hurt their crews’ overall performances massively. With the aramtraining team support, we make sure that your team’s training program helps you to develop every single athlete to their maximum potential. 

It’s working GREAT! I feel strong and fast without being on the edge of overtraining.

Leon Jones, 
Masters Athlete (USA)

Aram is my mentor.
He showed me that things can be and must be done differently, if I want to excel…

Attila Lorincz,
Junior National Coach (HUN)

Outstanding, professional, and the most productive training program that I have ever experienced…

Lloyd E. Moulton, 
Masters Rower (USA)

He taught me absolute consistency for my way up. Of the many things I have learned from Aram, the most important lesson was never to lose my goal and to constantly walk towards it.

Jakob Zwölfer, 
World Cup Athlete (AUT)

It was amazing to experience the Olympic Games in Rio – a dream I never would have been able to reach without Aram and Biorower by my side.

Anna Malvina Svennung, 
Olympic Athlete (SWE)

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