Saturday Live Class – AMERICA Special

149,00  / month

The Saturday Live Session, tailored towards North America, South America and Hawaii

Every Saturday at 20:30 (08:30 p.m) CET (Vienna, Austria time).

Vienna: 08:30 p.m

New York: 02:30 p.m

Dallas: 01:30 p.m

Los Angeles: 11:30 a.m

Rio de Janeiro: 03:30 p.m

Santiago de Chile: 02:30 p.m

Honolulu: 08:30 a.m


This makes between 4 and 5 sessions with live coaching per month.
Join us from your indoor rower or from your boat. All you need is a mobile device, tablet or laptop, Zoom and internet connection. In addition we recommend the use of headphones so that you can hear us better.


When you join us from your boat. We recommend to use an old phone with Zoom installed, mounted to a selfie stick and attached through an old piece of rigger to your oar lock. Use your regular phone as Wifi hotspot. This way, we can see you row from the side, and give you live feedback, even if you are on the water. (As a counter weight on the other side of the rigger, we recommend a half filled water bottle, attached with zip ties or duckt tape – simple, but effective)

The session are 45 minutes long, and are recorded so that you can review these later on the members video platform. This package also includes free overall access to the members video platform on aramtraining, where you get to watch all aramtraining videos in full length and ad-free.

We are looking forward to work with you!

Live online video coaching
every Saturday

Join us every Saturday for you weekly dose of individual technique feedback. 
Indoors and on water.

You need a rowing device, and a laptop or smartphone. 
We will send out Zoom Credentials just before the workout.

Wireless headphones recommended!

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