ROWING CAMP BUDAPEST 2024, May 22 – 26



Budapest, Hungary, May 22 – 26, 2024


The 2024 edition of the aramtraining rowing camp will take us to Budapest. Just like  last year, we will have a five day camp with dedicated afternoons off. This time we will row on the main stream Danube. Most of our rowing will be on a 10km long side arm without ship traffic. Our host club will be Külker EV. They also offer basic accommodation (double and tripple rooms) as well as space to pitch your tent. If you prefer a hotel, there are very good options to chose from. The club also handles the boat rental. While the boats are not new, the rental is very affordable compared to renting boats from boat builders. 

What is new for 2024 is a heavy focus on teaching you to set your own boat. There is nothing worse than rowing in a boat that is not properly set. This is why we are starting off the camp with a set-your-boat session, then we try out set-up, then we tweak our set-up again, until you have found your ideal settings. This knowledge is key to fun and successful rowing. Please bring your own 10mm + 13mm ratchet keys, a set of Allen keys, a Philips screw driver, a flat head screw driver, a band measure tape and a note book. If you have inserts / bushings, please bring them as well, if not, I plan to bring some as well, as well as a pitch-meter. 

The camp is open to competitive rowers of all age groups. In terms of intensities, we will do long sessions (partly with intensities and race prep training) in the morning and stationary technique drills (and optional start sequence training) in the evening. The camp concludes with our final regatta to add some good racing to the entire experience. The racing is optional. 

You don’t like intensities, or you would like to follow your personal program while at camp? No problem! Just let us know about it in advance, and we will assist you as much as possible. 


Date: May 22 – 26, 2024
Budapest, Hungary (Külker EV)
Price: 649,- EUR 

  • daily video analysis sessions
  • take home the complete video material to benefit when you continue with training back home
  • focus on technique in low, mid and high stroke rates + start sequencing

Who is it for?
For athletes of all age categories (Jun, U23, Open Class, Masters)
Single sculls and team boats. You could also try different combos within your own team

Boat rental

Add a comment to your order that you need a rental boat.

A singlescull is roughly 180,- EUR flat for the 5 days. If you want to row the single and a team boat, please expect 340,- EUR of rental boat cost. 

We organize boats from local clubs. You pay them directly on site. 


Külker EV offers the following accommodationn:

4 double rooms (for 8 persons)

4 triple rooms (for 12 persons)

There is one men’s and one women’s section for toilet and bathroom on the two sides next to the cabins. There is also a kitchen at campers’ disposal. Each room has a basin.


Double room @ 45 EUR / night

Triple room @ 60 EUR / night

It is also possible to put your own tent in the Club’s garden.

 Price for one tent (two person-tent): 10 EUR / tent

 Prices are net prices excluding taxes. Prices include the use of bathroom, and kitchen. 

This link takes you to the Club’s website



Wednesday, May 22  

# 08:00 meet up, rig boats, check pitch and overall set-up, go on the water, test your individual set-up, adjust as needed

# 15:00 second session (Video Analysis afterwards)

Thursday, May 23
# 08:00 Morning session, then video analysis
# 15:00 second session

Friday, May 24

# 08:00 morning session, then video analysis

# Afternoon off

Saturday, May 25

# 08:00 Morning session, then video analysis
# 15:00 second session

Sunday, May 26 (optional race day)

# 08:00 Morning session then changing set-up of your boats back to original, cleaning boats, video analysis, End of Camp at roughly 13:00

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