Live Online Group Coaching – Wednesday + Saturday + Sunday

399,00  / month

Join the Wednesday, Saturday, and the Sunday live group training session.

Indoors and from your boat.

This makes up to 14 sessions with live coaching per month.
All you need is an  rowing device (indoor or outdoor) and a mobile device with webcam / camera. Please install the free Zoom app.
We send you the credentials after your order has been completed.

In order to hear us better, we recommend wireless headphones.

You can also join from your boat. We recommend to use an old phone with Zoom installed, mounted to a selfie stick and attached through an old piece of rigger to your oar lock. Use your regular phone as Wifi hotspot. This way, we can see you row from the side, and give you live feedback, even if you are on the water.

Live online video coaching

Join our live online training sessions with individual technique feedback on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

You need a rowing device, and a laptop or smartphone. 
We will send out Zoom Credentials just before the workout.

Wireless headphones recommended!

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