“Never be sore” – Reaction video to Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi

As a pro rowing coach, I found the video with  @joerogan  and  @CoachZahabi  on  @JREClips  very interesting. I understand that I am referring to a tiny snippet of a very long interview, but the points made by Firas are legit and partly hold true for the rowing world as well – however: rowing, which is one of the hardest sports, both mentally and physically, has its own very unique training requirements which I am illustrating here.

Please watch the full clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fbCcWyYthQ

The point is that competitive rowing requires both: strength and endurance, extremely high anaerobic threshold levels yet evenly high lactate mobilization and tolerance capacities. These two things are almost impossible to combine: almost. Rowing means to do exactly that. So, the pull-up example does not make sense for rowing, but the analogy definetely works – to some extent. As Firas is a martial arts coach, his requirements are slightly different than ours, yet I believe that there are certain similarities worth mentioning.

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